Order Pastured Poultry and Other Farm Products

Please download this product order form and email or mail it to us with your payment:

2014 – LOONYACRES2014OrderForm.docx-3″LOONY ACRES 2014 Order Form

Order 2014 CSA Share

Please download this form and email or mail it to us with your payment:


Trial Online Ordering!

We say trial because we want to see how it works before we say it’s here to stay.

Or order online via PayPal, but please know a convenience fee has been applied so we cover the additional expenses associated with PayPal fees. You are still required to send in a CSA Sign Up form even if you pay online. We will send you a confirmation as soon as you send in your sign up form.

1. Loony Acres CSA 2014 Half Share – $400

2. Loony Acres CSA 2014 Full Share – $625


Order Goat Milk Soap

This section is a work in progress as we test selling our daughter’s handmade soap made from goat milk or cow’s milk online.

We currently only ship to the U.S.A., however, feel free to contact us if you are from another country and we’ll work on getting shipping cost for you. Right now we only have cow’s milk soap available due to the difficulty in finding goat milk.

About Our Homemade Soap

Our homemade soap is made right here in our kitchen by our 14 year old daughter. See how makes handmade soap here. Color varies from soap batch to soap batch. We have scented and unscented bars available. Please put in the notes of your order which you prefer and what mold you would like Hummingbird or Baby Goat or Cow (photo coming soon!). The prices below are based on a per bar basis. We do offer discounts if more than one bar is purchased.

Ingredients of our Homemade Soap

Goat Milk Soap is one of the most moisturizing soaps around. Our soap is all natural, handmade using local goat milk (when it is available). When goat milk is not available we use milk from our Guernsey cow. The only difference we have noticed is the cow milk soap isn’t as effective for eczema as goat milk soap is. Otherwise it is very comparable.

Other ingredients include: 100% pure therapeutic grade essentials oils for the scented bars, organic palm oil, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and lye which is saponified. What is saponification?

1. Large Goat Milk Soap $7.00 + $6.50 Priority Mail to most states in the U.S.A.

Loony Acres Goat Milk Soap Humming Bird_


Loony Acres Goat Milk Soap Baby_

Baby Goat

1 bar $7.00 + $6.50 Priority Mail to most states in the U.S.A.

2. 2 bars for $12 + $7.50 Priority Mail to most states in the U.S.A.

3. 4 bars for $20 + $8.50 Priority Mail to most states in the U.S.A.

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  • J Allen on 12 September, 2013 at 11:26 pm said:

    Hi, Theresa! I am interested in ordering a Bourbon Turkey, but my computer does not read a ‘.docx’ file,
    only a ‘.doc’ file. Is it possible to convert your order form to a ‘.doc’ file? I don’t know the cost/pound, as I can’t look at any of the order sheets. And I assume you will not have any turkeys available on hand at the farmers markets — only if one has pre-ordered a turkey will they be available for pick-up. Correct?

    Glad to see you know Joel Salatin! My daughter became interested in him and bought his book several years ago. We just don’t have any property for growing even vegetables or fruit! I do have a horse, but keep him at a stable. Wish I lived on a farm!

    Best regards,
    Jessica Allen

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